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IAM a better rider

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 21/05/2013
It was my great pleasure to be invited recently to present to Edinburgh and District Advanced Motorcyclist (EDAM) on motorcycle accidents and the Law.   Spending the evening in the company of such a wonderful group of seriously enthusiastic riders ...

Can campaigns reduce motorcycle accidents

Posted by: Rod Mitchell Posted Date: 29/04/2013
Many motor vehicle accidents involve motorcycles, and motorbike accidents are considerably more likely to result in tragedy than those involving other vehicles. While motorbikes only represent around 1% of all traffic, motorcyclists account for approxim...

Think Biker! Think Bike!

Posted by: Rod Mitchell Posted Date: 26/03/2013
For some time now, I have been going on about the Government public safety campaign from the 1970s called "Think Once, Think Twice Think Bike". I remember it vividly to this day.Perhaps I remember it because it showed an actual collision bet...

Motorcycle Law Scotland helmet poll

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 19/02/2013
  A few weeks ago I responded to an article from the US which was promoting the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet. Of course, in this country, there is a legal requirement to wear a motorcycle helmet and even if this wasn't the case,no ...

The Winter Tyre Debate

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 30/11/2012
In this month’s edition of Motorcycle News, the debate around whether or not winter tyres are necessary in the UK is addressed. One person they talk to is a Swedish bike journalist who rides every day of the year and uses two types of specialist...

Call for the redesign of crash barriers

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 16/11/2012
I have noticed that The Institute of Advanced Motorists is calling on the government to rethink the design of crash barriers on the UK’s roads in a step to improve safety for motorcyclists. The IAM argue that crash barriers that are currently ...

Winter riding

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 12/11/2012
I’ve really noticed the drop in temperature in the past couple of weeks – particularly when I’m on my bike in the morning.  The frosty, dark mornings are a sign that winter is most definitely on its way and as if there wasn’t already enough to think about as a motorcyclist, riding in the winter brings a whole new set of challenges. As riders, we need to make sure we have the best possible chance to ride safely in poorer weather conditions.  The winter weather can cause the road surface to become slippery, especially traversing the white lines and cats eyes.  Wet leaves that have fallen on the road also present a potential hazard.  Other road users can themselves be a danger as they don’t always clear frost or de-mist their windscreens fully before setting off.  The cold weather, particularly any ice or snow, can also deteriorate the condition of the road even further – hard to believe in some places I know! So what can we do as bikers to help make our riding as safe as possible?  I have said it before but it is so important to ensure that we are wearing the correct gear.  Not only will warm clothes make the journey more comfortable, but it is also likely to improve your reaction time and concentration. It sounds simple but where visibility is reduced, you should reduce your speed allowing you more time to react to any hazards.  I would also advocate using an anti-misting spray on your visors, glasses and mirrors.  It has been proven that in fog, rain or snow where visibility is poor, your perception of speed is distorted.  It is therefore very important that you continue to check your speedo for your actual speed. Also, look out for places where ice patches have lingered such as under tree canopies, around bridges and valley bottoms.  Keeping aware of these patches may avoid sudden and unexpected skidding. Riding in the winter can be great fun but it is important that we remember to take extra precautions. Remember, crashes are rarely caused by bad weather; they are caused by inappropriate riding for the conditions.  

Audit to assess pothole problems

Posted by: Vicki Miller Posted Date: 30/10/2012
It is no secret that our roads are literally covered in potholes which pose a danger for all road users but in particular for those of us on two wheels. Road conditions are now to be assessed by a “people’s audit”, with AA members goi...

Hein Gericke rescued

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 01/10/2012
I wrote a few weeks ago about motorcycle sales being down and the motorcycle clothing group Hein Gericke going into administration as a result.  It has recently been announced that their operations in the UK have been bought out of administration ...

Scooter sales on the increase

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 13/08/2012
The double dip recession, an increase in petrol prices and rising rail fares have led to motorists looking for a cheaper alternative to their usual four wheels.  The scooter is a very tempting and a much cheaper way to get from A-B, particularly ...

Being a good pillion rider

Posted by: Vicki Miller Posted Date: 20/07/2012
I am quite frequently a pillion passenger and I love it.  It gives you the chance to sit back and enjoy the views without having to worry about the traffic. However, being a pillion is not without its responsibilities.  When I’m riding on ...

The hazard of poor road surface conditions

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 25/04/2012
I guess it was inevitable in Scotland that the lovely weather we saw in March was not going to last!  The rain and hail have been falling pretty hard over the past few weeks and this presents a challenge for many of us motorcyclists. Part of the c...

Spring in in the air and the flip flops are on

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 22/03/2012
Isn't it marvellous…...Spring has sprung and the bike is out of its Winter hibernation and back on the road. Don’t you just love an early warm Spring which officially started on the 20th March. We took a wee trip around the Border roa...

We need a voice

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 07/11/2011
Road safety week (21st - 27th November 2011) is almost upon us but it seems to me motorcyclists are frequently left out in the cold when it comes to road safety and campaigns to raise awareness for particular groups of road users. I was delighted to s...