Scottish Borders TT and Croft

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 30/03/2012

I have mentioned before in passing that there is a proposed plan to host a Scottish Borders TT. I love road racing, particularly the Irish road racing at the North West and  the Skerries, so to have an event in Scotland would be fantastic. Of course, a huge amount of work  is going on behind the scenes to make this a reality.

Intrigued to find out a little more, given that I'm a big supporter of the idea (and it's in my own backyard ), I decided to nip down to Jedburgh on my bike and have a ride around the proposed course. You can find a tab with the proposed layout for yourself on the Facebook pages at

We rode down the A68 and a few miles short of Jedburgh turned left onto the A698 towards Hawick.I hadn't been down this road before but found it to be a quick road with gentle bends and a great surface. About a mile short of Denholm, there's a sharp right hand bend with a "B" road off to the left, this is the next part of the circuit going over the hill towards Jedburgh. Another great road with lots of undulations and sharp bends, this is more technical but a great contrast to the A698. The views are stunning across the Borders from up  top as the road winds its way back down  past the castle into Jedburgh.

The route continues through the main street and then back out onto the A68 past the rugby club and back around to the A698 turn-off once again. What a circuit! It goes without saying, however, that you must ride safely as this is a public road. Country lanes are full of hidden dangers so watch out for farm vehicles and keep your speed down.  I hear there is going to be a video of the route so that others can get a feel for it. This will really help grow the fan base which has already  reached an impressive 3000. If you aren't a fan of the Borders TT yet but would like to see this become a new fixture in the road racing calendar with all of the economic benefits that this would bring to the Scottish Borders, then go to and "like" their pages.

This will be of tremendous help in making the idea a reality.  You can also follow the Borders TT on Twitter here.

On another racing theme, Motorcycle Law Scotland's sponsored riders, Andrew and Sammi Tasker, were out at East Fortune last weekend. Andrew managed a 3rd and a 2nd in the first two rounds of the Scottish Championships and was only marginally slower than his best times of last season. This weekend they are heading down to the NEMCRC meeting at Croft alongwith David Paton who is making his first outing of the season. David won both the ‘Laird of Croft’ and the ‘Ken Redfern Trophy’at this venue last year so will be hoping to try and repeat his success there again this year. It is one of his favourite tracks. You can read his Press release here. I wish them all the very best and hope the racing is both fast and safe.