It was all happening in Moffat

Posted by: Brenda Mitchell Posted Date: 08/05/2012

Sunday May bank holiday was typical of our recent cold weather. As we left for Moffat, it was only 4 degrees but a warm welcome awaited at the biker friendly Buccleuch Arms Hotel.

We had been invited to present to the BMF (Scotland) who were in attendance at their AGM. The BMF is run by volunteers and their aim is to work hard to fight for rider's rights in the UK and Europe. If you ride a motorcycle, you have to care about what the BMF do. MLS is a corporate member and  if you want to support the BMF and all that they stand for,  you should consider joining.

The presentation was about Motorcycle Accidents and the Law and it was clear that most motorcyclists don’t really understand the whole concept of Legal Expense Insurance as offered as an add on to your insurance premium or occasionally provided at no charge. In our opinion, you don’t need it and it removes your choice of legal expert in the event you need to pursue a claim for uninsured loss such as policy excess, kit and injury. Why should you accept a panel solicitor appointed by your insurer  when you can get access to your own specialist lawyer at no cost? You can even register for free with our own Legal Expense Protection product which I have mentioned before.

The debate at the BMF was lively and friendly and as is so often the case, thanks must go to all those volunteers  who give up their time for the benefit of others and for the benefit of the motorcycle community as a whole.

It wasn’t just the BMF who stopped by at the Buccleuch Arms…the girls with the pink mohicans were also out in force enjoying Dave Smith’s hospitality and tucking into cake and coffee. If I had known, I would have donated  a large chunk of a certain person's birthday cake which we will be eating for a month it was that big.. a striking resemblance and bought for my husband’s big 50!

This weekend we are off to Lanark for the Great Scottish bike show and will hopefully see as many of you as possible there. We are on stand 13 inside the main hall and next to Ducati stand.